This procedure is very pleasant and amazingly useful, it is one of traditional eastern techniques that dates back to the past as well as many other types of Thai massage.

Massage with Herbal Bags – is almost a ritual, as well as many other types of Thai massage, it is based on ancient traditions of eastern medicine. On the contrar to Traditional Thai massage, this procedure is more mild and has a wonderful salutary effect, relieving pain in joints and muscles, as well as curing colds.

Herbal bags will rescue from allergies, relieving itchiness and rejuvenating the skin. Fragrant aromatic medical herbs, that are inhaled during the massage session will help cure cough.

Certified master :

60 min – 1100 uah / 90 min – 1400 uah / 120 min – 1650 uah

Top-master :

60 min – 1300 uah / 90 min – 1600 uah / 120 min – 1850 uah


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