The history of Thai massage

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The history of Thai massage

There is a lot of information about the history of Thai massage on the Internet and basically all this information is the same. We will try to tell you briefly the most interesting facts about the history of TM. If you want to know more details – the Wikipedia has a very interesting article on the subject.

The origins of Thai massage

Nuat peng borane (also known as Thai massage) began its existence as a separate treatment system over 2500 years ago in the temple of Wat Po, which became the center of Thai medicine and the school of ‘Royal’ Thai massage. The heart of Thai massage is the Ayurvedic medicine (Indian), yoga and Buddhist spirituality, as originally keepers of traditions of Thai medicine and its practitioners were the Buddhist monks. Thai massage is considered to be an effective treatment affordable to a wide range of public and which is widely used for almost any ailments. Any treatment begins with the professional massage therapist (as we now call them) kneading and pressing the entire patient’s body.

The Founder of Thai massage

Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhasha is considered the founder of the discipline. According to the legend, Jivaka studied with the Buddha, he himself was a doctor and an Indian ruler. His name is found in ancient Buddhist texts and stories of his life and practice of the healer found in almost all versions of the Buddhist scriptures. He is also the founder of traditional medicine, a source of knowledge about massage, healing power of plants and minerals.

Discipline has evolved, and many techniques have been developed after Dzhivakay Kumar Bhasha in 1000-1500 years.

Today the masseurs start the session from a mantra (prayer) to Dr. Jivaka.




Wat Po temple exists till nowadays and is situated in Bangkok. Today, it is a national center for the training in traditional Thai massage. Any foreigner wishing to immerse oneself in the art of Thai massage can do this for a very reasonable price of 10 thousand baht ($ 335). This is a price of a 10-day comprehensive course of TM.

Training in Thai massage

Naturally, this is only an introduction and ten days is not enough to master the art of TM and become a highly qualified specialist, a healer, as our master. A long learning period should be further followed by a more difficult period of practice – students practice and improve their skills for several years under the supervision of teachers. Only due to practice, massage therapists become masters. Nevertheless the introductory course will be enough for you to figure out if you are interested in Thai Massage at all.